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The visual style and what proper animation there is is super awesome. The characters are all well designed and visually distinct, and the tune was a proper bop, so there's a lot to love here!

My only gripe - and this might just be me - is that having seen this I'm craving something more narrative-based involving this cast. It's cute getting that "Beach City in a filler episode" vibe, but I'm not sure it's enough to hold up a video this long by itself.

Still, on balance, this is still a really awesome display of animation work and video editing skills. You should be proud of it.

As someone who ran this collab (2009-2012), the fact that after 10 years this is still going makes me proud. And now with it's 5th showrunner! It's crazy seeing who's stuck by it and who's joined the Sketch Collab alumni, and there were a tonne of really solid parts this year. Part of me's a little sad that TheMAM didn't make the cut given that he ran the thing 2013-2016, but the final product this year was awesome regardless. Good job, ValterValyun, and everyone who animated this year! Looking forward to 2018's collab! :)

An interesting exploration of the fragility of American masculinity. Not bad.

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It's entertaining and addictive, but...

... not anything new really. It's a bit like a cross between Indestructotank and Toss the Turtle, and even the concept of Toss the Turtle wasn't exactly shiny new. And it takes ages to get enough of the power ups to actually have any chance of getting the achievements. And then there's the fact that there are bonuses you're forced to pay real money for? Surely this is a huge miscalculation on the game designer's part, forgetting that the vast majority of the target audience is under 14, and so has no access to monetary funds online, and I doubt any sane parent would fork out money for something like this.

But despite all that, it's still an amusing game, and a good way for a bored person to be a little less bored.

Nice stuff.

I was always fond of UFOMania 1, and now I've finally found this.
I gotta say, the neon look was quite good, it gives it that sort of retro "asteriods" feel to it which works quite well. The introduction of the rotating planets was also a pretty neat idea, and is something that could be expanded on if you decide to make a UFOMania 3.
I also quite liked the new obstacles and the variety of planetary defences. They added a new twist, and I had to seriously rethink my strategy for some of the planets. If you keep your players on their toes, you're doing well as a game designer.
The only thing I think could help improve this game is a storyline. We know that these humans are being moved, but we don't know why. Perhaps there is a war going on? Maybe in UFOMania 3, you could have to fight enemy ships to get to the planet, or you could, while saving the majority of the humans, have to try and purposefully kill a specific few humans, who are marked out by being a different colour, say if the humans are usually yellow, there are red ones that you have to kill, for example. It's just a suggestion, I mean, you already have a good and pretty addictive game as it is.
Keep up the good work. :)

Good concept, poor execution...

I think you're on to something good, and this game is certainly well coded, but the art quality, or lack thereof, really brought this down. Work longer on the art of the guy and the planes, and the general layout, and this will be much better.
And different types of planes wouldn't be too much to ask either. You know, faster ones, slower ones, ones that drop loads of bombs in a short amount of time, stuff like that.
Good try, but it needs a lot of work.

Farmallama responds:

Well, I didnt code it as I said and so I have no Idea lol. But anyway, it's meant to be sketchy and stuff lol. Thanks, anyway.

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Meh, it's ok.

It certainly loops well. Gets slightly annoying after a while though. If it was longer, then I think it would be better, but as is, it's ok. Not great though. Just, ok.

lgnxhll responds:


Really good :)

It's really close to the original, I mean, aside from the fact that that was all computer generated, but still. It could have really done with an acoustic guitar in the track, since the original is an acoustic song. I really feel like I need to take this and add my own guitar and vocals over it. If only there was co-authoring for the Audio Portal.

cecild responds:

Wow thanks man,
I mean if you wanto take it and add in your own vocals and guitar im more than happy for you to do that as long as you credit me for some of it.

Thanks for the great review.

Cool peice music.

Nice track you got here. Sounds perfect for fitting lyrics to, and maybe you could add the guitar chords in. Good stuff.

Kid2Will responds:

If i can find someone who will make lyrics then im game.

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